Just for Kids Bible Puzzles Volume 2

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The enormously-popular Bible puzzles for kids are back with this downloadable version! Use this collection to make newsletters even more eagerly-received — by putting something in there “just for kids!”

Just for Kids Bible Puzzles Volume 2 presents 80 fun, educational puzzles for ages 7 and older from past issues of The Newsletter Newsletter.

Use these puzzles in your newsletter, as inserts in your weekly worship bulletins, or for Sunday school activities. Just for Kids Bible Puzzles Volume 2  provides you with an easy and economical way to give the kids in your church something fun that helps them learn the Bible! The puzzles are easy to place into your favorite desktop publishing or word-processing programs, such as Microsoft Word and Publisher.

Product Detail

  • 80 downloadable, educational puzzles
  • For ages 7 and older
  • Perfect for newsletters, weekly bulletins or Sunday School activities
  • TIFF, PDF, and web-ready GIF formats