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Android App Update Comiing Soon!

Groups Plus a More Unified Login Experience

New Android login screenDear Admin,

We've released an update for the Android App that includes Groups, Birthdays and a unified login process.

With this Android App update, members can:

  1. Create and use the password of their choice to sign into the Mobile Member App on any device and the Online Member Directory. This upgrade provides a unified login experience across all platforms and devices without sacrificing security. See below for information that will help you and your members.
  2. View all Groups and see the members of each Group.
  3. View a Birthday list by month.

How you can help your members

Android users will be logged out of the app when they update to App Version 2.0 and will need to Sign In again.

Members with existing passwords: Click on "SIGN IN" on the Welcome screen.

  • If they donít remember their password or want to change it, they can choose Forgot Password.

Members who are new to the app: Click on "CREATE LOGIN" on the Welcome screen and follow the on-screen prompts. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Having Trouble Signing in?

  1. Check how their email address is listed in your church directory. The email address must be an exact match in order to validate the member.
  2. Check spelling of email and passwords. An accidentally mistyped email address or password is often the cause of a Sign-in failure.
  3. Passwords are case sensitive, so check upper and lower case.
  4. If using Create Login, check that the member clicked on the link in the confirmation email.

Groups showing in the iOS App will be coming soon! Tell us what you'd like to see next on the forum.

Instant Church Directory Team

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New Android login scree